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Restorative, Implant and Laser Dentistry

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Composites are synthetic resins that are a mixture of plastic and glass.

Composite dentistry when used with dentine and enamel bonding techniques restores the tooth back to near its original physical integrity. The composite is placed in layers using a light specialised to harden each layer.

Composites are aesthetically advantageous in that the material gives the dentist the possibility to blend shades to closely match the shade of natural tooth.

In chemically bonding to the tooth composites strenghten and protect the tooth.


Case 1

Description of Treatment: The metal amalgam restorations on the patient's back teeth were replaced by white composite restorations. In this technique the tooth is restored by bonding increments of composite to the tooth restoring its natural beauty and appearance.

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  Ssmile - Before Treatment Smile - After Treatment
  Before treatment After treatment




Case 1

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